Learning to choose to be you.

Hilary Marshall is a person-centred counsellor.

This means that she works with you and together you design the session in a way that will help you achieve the changes you'd like to make

and/or the understanding you'd like to gain.
Hilary believes that creative work such as shaping clay, poetry, painting, drawing,  playing music and physical exercise such as walking or even boxing can  play a part in processing emotions and understanding ourselves better.  
Hilary works alongside Roland, a personal trainer, who is able to help if it is felt that physical exercise will help you change unhelpful behaviour and thinking patterns.
Or, from the start, you can opt to do a mix: some  talking and/or creative therapy and some exercise therapy.
The choice and direction of how sessions are used is always your decision.
Hilary is accredited with the British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists. Her registration number is: 698717

Personal Training

Learning empowerment through energy, mind and body.

Roland Moodie is an experiened personal trainer. He is ex-military and has worked with people of different ages and abilities.

He is sensitive to the needs of the individual and will never ask you to do anything that you don't feel comfortable doing.

His aim is to find activities that you enjoy and that naturally challenge you to move your body safely and effectively.
You can choose to work in the gym or in our beautiful, surrounding Kent country side, including a woodland area.
In the gym, we have capacity for 2 people so if you want to choose a friend to share a personal training session with you, this can be arranged.
Roland has a level 3 in personal training and is fully insured to work with you.


Learning to study well.

Hilary is a qualified primary and seconday teacher and this combines with her skills as a psychotherapist to offer children and students help with planning their studies. Good plans and accountability can minimise anxiety and motivate the small steps needed for better study techniques and the subseqent achievement of goals.


Learning to achieve the unexpected.

Roland specialises in golf fitness, especially achieving length off the tee and putting. His programme is a unique aid to improve performance. He works in one to one sessions and is so confident it works that payment is paid on results. No improvement and you pay nothing.

Spiritual Accompaniment

Learning a new way of being

Hilary is a qualified Franciscan Spiritual Director. If you wish to explore spirituality she is available to walk with you on that journey. You can have a specific faith or none and still enjoy a journey of discovery. 

The power of this Colombian water fall, the engagement with the power of  nature and the support of others, is a powerful metaphor of our innate spirituality and the exhilarating journey of exploration that we can choose. 

It is a journey deeper than practised independence and ego. It is a journey into the heart of vulnerability and the connection with self and more.

Group Therapy

Learning to enjoy others and yourself.

According to demand we offer group therapy. Hilary is an experienced and qualified group therapist and consistently sees the benefits of people working together.

Group therapy enables participants to learn about themselves and build self esteem in the context of relationships. Group sizes can vary but are generally no more than 6 people. We request you book 6 one to one counselling sessions before you join a group. This is because group work is often more challenging so knowing Hilary, who will be the group facilitator, is important.

It is possible, if demand is sufficient, to join a therapeutic group which mixes exercise with talking therapy.

Roland also offers personal training sessions to groups. This includes nordic walking and other outdoor exercise.


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