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All shall be well..

The 14th century mystic, Julian of Norwich, famously stated that “All shall be well: and you shall see, yourself, that all manner of thing shall be well.”

Perhaps, hope is a vital ingredient for staying emotionally balanced and for getting through the dark tunnels that life throws at us. Is Julian right? Are there grounds for hope?

I believe there are; for the simple fact that it is our vulnerablitily and even our mental and emotional wounding that make way for new beginnings. It is our pain and grief that help us to break away from our independent and self-sufficent egos and discover new depths and resilience within.

We find these depths not by 'trying hard' but by 'letting go' and surrendering. We drop our pretences of power, bow low and discover that, in the earthiness of our humility, a deeper power runs through our fingers. A power that will transform us. The invasion of grit in the oyster shell is transformed into a pearl and, in the same way, the difficulties we face can transform us and create inner strength and inner power. This power offers us a new belief, that no matter what happens, in the end, or is it in the new beginning? 'All shall be well'. It is not what we have or even what we do that is, in the end important. It is our inner tranformation sparked, ironically, by our struggles, that is the ongoing space, ground and circle for hope.

The letting go of autumn leads to the vulnerability of winter and the new beginnings of spring.

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