Counselling and Coaching:  £45 for one hour sessions.

Evening sessions from 7pm £55  Same price for face to face and internet counselling and coaching. 

Counselling through emails £25 for up to 2000 words sent and/or received. Only therapeutic emails included. Administrative emails are free.


Personal Training

£45 for one hour session. 

Evening sessions from 7pm £55.

Shared Session (2 people) : £50 (£25 each)

Group Therapy:

This depends on the number of people in the group but is generally between £15 and £25. 


£60 for one hour session.

Complete refund if you do not improve.

Spiritual Accompaniment

£45 for a 1 hour session.

(Frequency of Spiritual Accompaniment sessions are up to you. They can vary from 1 to 12  times a year.)


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